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Mission San Jose Photos

The Mission San Jose is the 14th mission founded in California. It was founded on June 11, 1797 by Friar Fermin Lasuen. Named for Saint Joseph, the Patron of the Universal Church.

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14_San_Jose_01 14_San_Jose_02 14_San_Jose_03 14_San_Jose_04 14_San_Jose_05
14_San_Jose_06 14_San_Jose_07 14_San_Jose_08 14_San_Jose_09 14_San_Jose_10
14_San_Jose_11 14_San_Jose_12 14_San_Jose_13 14_San_Jose_14 14_San_Jose_15
14_San_Jose_16 14_San_Jose_17 14_San_Jose_18 14_San_Jose_19 14_San_Jose_20
14_San_Jose_21 14_San_Jose_22 14_San_Jose_23 14_San_Jose_24 14_San_Jose_25
14_San_Jose_26 14_San_Jose_27 14_San_Jose_28 14_San_Jose_29 14_San_Jose_30